Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! 

This has been a very successful year for me musically. Much needed ground-work and infrastructure has been laid for continued success. It was due to many people in my musical and personal life bringing extreme acts of love, kindness, and support on multiple levels that connected my vision. Thanks to all of you, and you know you are! 

My network is a lot bigger and deeper than I realized. I have awakened to this fact, and many others. This network is growing very fast because it is real and intentional for us all. I have discarded much that was no longer necessary from my mind and spirit to realize this. 

The vastness and richness that we all have together is amazing light to me. In honoring of such gifts, and my own, I thank you once again. It is a blessing that things in my community and world will continue to thrive for myself and all. The knowing of this is fantastic. What a beautiful, and elegant responsibility. 

I look forward to positive, intentional communications with all of you in 2017.  I will share photos (randomly) here as time allows: I really got some good ones friends!! It’s a joy to me to share this way! The exercise of gratitude is a magic lesson and celebration of life. Thank you foremost for helping me see the joy of being. All my best to each of us. #DMFHYEAH! #DMFH