Greeting Human Beings, 

Yes, I am about to undertake the BIGGEST MUSICAL ADVENTURE of my life thus far. I'm super stoked, a little scared, and completely ready. Well, not completely ready- I have a lot to do before we leave at MIDNIGHT this MONDAY, Sept 4- right after Holy City Confessionals at Home Team BBQ. The Rhythm section and I will be getting in a rented van and will start driving. 

WHY would I go on a big adventure that does not pay and bring other impoverished musicians with me? VERY SIMPLE! I am going to build community, play some music and actually build some structures in the desert for future use. Who knows, maybe one day you will pee in the bathroom I helped to build. 

Guardians of the High Desert, We Are Root music and shamanic training event will take place in the high desert of New Mexico, near Rio Puerto at ranch and I am going to be there. 

“Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aide,” best quote ever from “Almost Famous”. And I may not be famous, (nor almost) I am compelled by something greater: my ability to harness the creativity and musical skills I have been blessed with. It is time for me to expand my creative consciousness. 

I have partnered with some like-minded people willing to help out. Check this page out for more information and how you can be a part of this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity and event. You will receive special musical gifts along our traveling way. Come with us and meet some amazing artists, shaman, artisans and teachers. 

On behalf of the people of South Carolina, Awendaw Green and Woodshed Archive, I go forth with enthusiasm as your cultural host. 

Your music pal, DH  PS- what does 3 Sided Whole spell if you move the letters around- 3 Sided Howle