Holy City Confessionals Original music open mic host By Emcee Danielle Howle

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Home Team BBQ, 1205 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29407

Danielle Howle is your Emcee for Holy City Confessionals original open mic night. All are welcome. This night we have a featured artist; Saunders Triebold who will do a 6 song set. Our usual sets for all artists are 4 songs or 15 minutes of show time. Bring your USB key to get a recording made of your set by our awesome sound engineer. You can submit to be a featured artist at this event by contacting Danielle Howle mill6726@gmail.com

This event is family friendly. Full bands are welcome. We encourage you to spread the word about your performance. Our crowd will love you and they come ready to hear original music. When you bring your own people to our crowd, they will have a wonderful time and the room is set up to accommodate big crowds while keeping the "listening room" aspect going. For any questions, contact Danielle Howle mill6726@gmail.com