Danielle Howle  digital release "Swamp Sessions" Tuesday 03/03/2020

Swamp Sessions - creation story

In the magical wilderness of the Francis Marion National Forest sits the solar powered Swamp House where Danielle Howle made the EP “Swamp Sessions”.

This album was the first of many (from various acts) to be recorded in this space.

Recording engineer Mitch Webb (Mantis Records Studios) packed up his studio gear and followed Howle into the wilderness down a long, bumpy road to The Swamp House. Webb set up his gear and recorded the first known album on solar power in South Carolina. The sessions were meant to be demos, but, once Howle and Webb listened back to the tracks, they decided to release them on CD “as is”.

"Swamp Sessions” is the raw and real of a singer-songwriter sitting down with herself and her guitar. Recorded in late 2007, the album remained in CD format only and was never released to streaming platforms, until March 3, 2020.

Little did Howle know that “Swamp Sessions” would be the beginning of a small, “digital lo-fi” movement centered around The Swamp House gatherings. Howle handpicked groups of artists from many genres, places, and various bands to record with one another in this peacefully energetic setting. Some of the artists had never met until the recording sessions. None of these community recordings have been released.

In 2007, Howle left her hometown of Columbia, SC to live at Awendaw Green, where she was granted the title “Artist in Residence” by proprietor and music mogul Eddie White, whom, also, owns the Swamp House.

Awendaw Green hosts a Wednesday night Barn Jam, (twelve years running) under the direction of Eddie White, whose vision for the cultivation of a music community extends, now, beyond Charleston and Awendaw, SC. Eddie’s work is a testament to his dedication of bringing quality music to South Carolina and the growing arts communities of Charleston and Awendaw. Without Eddie White, there would be no “Swamp Sessions” EP and the amazing community growing out of this first EP, that is now Swamp Sessions. 

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