Postcard Paintings  "Snail Teachings"
  • Postcard Paintings  "Snail Teachings"
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"Snail Teachings"

In April, of 2018, I went to the Swamp House to write and record with my drummer Chris French. We wrote many new songs! I saw a snail shell on the floor of my room that sat there for two days. The point of the shell faced directly towards my bed. Respectfully, I did not move the shell. 3rd night, I kicked it and it skidded along the floor, under another propped mattress. I thought- dang I gotta put that shell back in the morning. Next day, I found it and looked at it's underside. There was a creature still living in the shell! I put it back, then went to get my phone to take a photo. I came back and the snail was motoring along. Snail totem energy is very huge. It took that snail a long time to get up in a house on stilts and to the room I was going to stay in. This is no bullshit and snail energy is real. Another snail appeared day after Baby House Jams. Major cool. See the subtle signs in your worlds people. Grateful! Postcard paintings are 5”x7” acrylic on canvas, with a clear coat of matt varnish over them to protect the vibrant colors.

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