Fire Head Tornado Portrait- Postcard Paintings
  • Fire Head Tornado Portrait- Postcard Paintings


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"Fire Head tornado Portrait" Postcard Paintings I found myself in a comic place able to view the extremes of my personality and still enjoy my eternal soul. This did not last long, and from time-time I am able to go forward to this place of love without expectation. This painting was damaged slightly when water spilled on it, this stretching the canvas, past it's tiny frame. I have made the price larger than usual. If you buy this, it means you understand this kind of a commitment to self and the support of me, the artist who made it. Yes, have a fantastic day! I'm Happy to write a personal message on the front of this painting if that is requested.

Postcard paintings are 5”x7” acrylic on canvas, with a clear coat of matt varnish over them to protect the vibrant colors.

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All paintings are one of a kind

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