"Creation Story" 9"x7"
  • "Creation Story" 9"x7"
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“Creation Story” Not a “Postcard Painting” size 7x9 It's a wee bit Bigger! This is my best painting yet. Before I tell you the story, I want you to know this is the first time I wanted a pro photographer to come in and shoot this properly. For my own self, I want to make this art show up on a blanket or tapestry. If it was my shower curtain, that would rule. Wait, my shower is outside and has an enclosure. Wait- it could be a gift shower curtain to family for holidays! YES, I want a print for my wall. It's probably gonna end up on a writing journal cover, but I just love this thing so much!

There are so many stories of creation, meaning how the universe and humans got here. Peace has been found from these stories, and the unnecessary component of war has been used as a reason. I have no answers of why or how or the break-down on this stuff. Creation itself is a nasty and beautiful business, especially if beliefs fall into play and they are not in agreement with those beliefs other creators hold. Fuck all that. How much love and compassion can be made? No matter all this, I had a serious moment of non judgement, and NO self editing when I made this painting. The entire world, all I had learned and any expectation was pushed clean out of my way.

Part of me does not want to sell it. The other part has put a high price upon it because I know it's value in my personal evolution as a creator. However, if this painting speaks to you, then make your offer.

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