“Smiling In The Desert” Postcard Paintings
  • “Smiling In The Desert” Postcard Paintings
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“Smiling In The Desert” It's very easy for me to feel “out of place” when all logic would dictate I am IN place. This happens a good deal at shows. Meeting folks at venue that I will be working with, as well as the kind souls who have given their time to come check out the performance. Social anxiety and work stress is a real challenge. Sometimes it is best to think of frogs because they seem so happy and at peace most of the time. What do I know of the life of frogs. I do live with many at Awendaw Green. To find some solace and do what I love is to overcome these anxieties, no matter how long it takes. Knowing is half the battle. Then I try to treat myself with kindness. Once I arrived late to load in and Radio City Music Hall. It's one hell of a 'check in” to be received at that venue. I told the person helping me I was having a panic attack and I was sorry. One of the manager heard this and said “Follow me my dear”. It's hard for any creatures with anxiety to express it or ask for help. This day, help came. I got lucky as I told people I needed help.

Postcard paintings are 5”x7” acrylic on canvas, with a clear coat of matt varnish over them to protect the vibrant colors.

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All paintings are one of a kind

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