"Pine Straw Smells" Postcard Painting
  • "Pine Straw Smells" Postcard Painting
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“Pine-Straw Smells” In the winter, sometimes I like to call upon the pine straw smells. There are many smells pine-straw gives off throughout it's life. In this painting, the pine-straw smell I'm recalling is one of a still, still hot summer South Carolina day. That kind of day when you have been playing outside and stop to sit under a pine-trees. If you sit there for a while, you can smell the warm sun heating up the brown straw that is on the ground. The secondary achievement at that moment is going deeper into the noticing of the green straw still on the tree's branches. That is a stick smell, to be discussed in a later painting. Let's stay in that warm, cozy ground straw offering. It buffers the big heat of the sun and gives a needed respite. Working outside a lot in my life, and playing hard out there too, I love Pine-straw Smells.

Postcard paintings are 5”x7” acrylic on canvas, with a clear coat of matt varnish over them to protect the vibrant colors.

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