"laying By The Leaf" Postcard paintings
  • "laying By The Leaf" Postcard paintings
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“Laying By The Leaf” In a park, I set my blanket near some leafy plants. After reading a while, I rolled over and one big leaf (from a cast iron plant) took up much of my vision. Just beyond it the sun peaked over. It was rather bright, so this painting burned into my eyeball, and then into my brain a bit. It was cold the night I remembered that spring day in the park. This is about what it looked like. You can see some bristles from the paint brush wanted to be in the scene too. I did nothing to remove them. They now represent the many dogs that came by to say hello when I was trying to read. Sometimes random pets are too nice..... or are they..... Enjoy!

Postcard paintings are 5”x7” acrylic on canvas, with a clear coat of matt varnish over them to protect the vibrant colors.

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All paintings are one of a kind

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