2023 Swamp Sessions Retreat Appreciation Post

A warm-hearted thanks to all who helped the Swamp Sessions Retreat happen. You are most appreciated, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I have many stories of magic times to tell, so stay tuned for those to come. For now, a big, big thanks to... 

Cody Dixon for your musical skills and good nature 
Emily Wright (visual artist-in-residence for Swamp) and Susan Zellman for keeping us fed properly 
Ashley Woody for the amazing chili 
Accents by Judy for farm fresh eggs and a nice candle 
Jason Benton and Kenny Meyer for recording and jamming with folks 
Michael Basha of Chucktown Productions for filming the story of our swamp lives 
Everett White and Ryan Breton of SoulShine Studio for connecting me with wizards and being wizards 
Zach Groom for the care of artists 
James Yaun, our musical do-it-all and boat tour guide 
Jimmy Maddoloni for providing the safe sleeping options with the RV 
Matt Sickles for having the RV and getting it out there to the wilderness 
RVshare for being awesome 
Gregg at Insurance Solutions in Mt Pleasant for keeping us covered 

And of course we couldn't do it without the musicians & artists! 

Edisto Blackwater Boogie, thanks for loaning us your fearless leader–songwriter Dan Riley. Thank you Kerry Brooks for playing ALL DAY on everyone’s tracks that he had never heard because they were written at the swamp house just hours before being recorded, and same to you Jay Byrd, who also rocked some kick ass tunes of his own. Thank you artists for traveling from many far away places. George Fox of Big Stoner Creek, Laura Kelley, Mary Arnold, Ryan Oslance, Allison Forbes of Rooks & Raven. The biggest thanks of all goes to my super hero Dr. Eddie White of Awendaw Green and Sewee Dental Care. You are the best and we're grateful for your dedication to making musicians have magical opportunities to share and create. We all love you very much. 

If any of you are interested in being a part of future workshops and retreats, please visit www.daniellehowle.com/workshops-retreats to let me know. You can even check out the virtual Songwriting Nature Workshop while you're there!