Updates for DMFH music freinds

Howdy Music Friends! Sending you love and light. Living local and I’m excited to share with you some cool things in my community. 

A rare live appearance (from me) will happen at Chico Feo Monday, October 26 for “Songwriter’s SoapBox”  Open Mic 6-9pm hosted by George Fox of the band Big Stoner Creek 


NEW HOWLER TUNE – Sneak listen 

Most of my music is being made online on a subscription service called Patreon. Join me there to hear my new, yet unreleased single AND MUCH MORE. https://www.patreon.com/daniellehowle 

Joining this page will help me generate connectivity and some income. I am recording album #16 in early 2020. 


Barn Jam re-opens on November 4, 2020 and I will be playing there with others in a VERY SOCIALLY DISTANCING and SAFE situation. 

In fact, George Fox, our host for “Songwriter’s Soapbox” will be performing with his band Big Stoner Creek and MORE! Check out the page! 


You might have to dig out my performance from October 14,2020 for our bad0ass leader Eddie White’s b-day live stream. DO IT! Joining my Patreon will also help you see the FIRST PERFORMANCE with band mates in 10 months. 


Mac Leaphart 

I sang on two Mac Leaphart albums, doing my best back-up singing ever. Why? This guy can sing, write a darn good song, and play like a mo-fo Americana badass. Do you wanna hear me kick ass with wizards? SIGN UP for Mac’s mailing list and get these two albums for free.  www.macleaphart.com/music 

Mac’s new album is coming out soon and you can back that once you understand how awesome this guy is. BACK MAC – you have 25 days. 


Eartha Kit—Have you heard her? You can now get the big picture and the music of MULTI-TALENT Eartha! One of SC’s finest EVER and EVER.  https://www.localmusicscenesc.com/ 


Have a good one, because you can! Love, D


If any of these links don't work, I needs to know so email me. I am learning. Woot!