Dear Music Friends, 

Yes, I have some great gigs for you to check out, but MOST important right now is a FEATURE FILM PROJECT – “Parallel Chords” that my music appears in. We need votes By 4 PM, THIS FRIDAY OCTOBER 13. 

You don't have to buy anything. Vote us on into millions of people seeing the film in theatres! 

Go to this link!! Soon as u can!


Please accept this challenge of super fun and receive a free download from me. You gotta tell me you voted though or I won't know how to give you free stuff!! mill6726@gmail.com 

More about this project: 


My words about this project as seen on FB. 

FRIENDS! I rarely ask for people to "vote”(BY GOING TO THE LINK AND HITTING THE FOLLOW BUTTON) in contests but this one is SUPER important to me. I have followed and assisted with Catherine Dudley-Rose on her film-making journey for the past two years on many levels. The film is about musical relationships. In fact, some of my music IS IN for this film. Help this film, it's amazing, skilled, talented artists (and myself) make an impact with a fascinating story that needs to be heard and seen. Take a vacation from the mundane and ENTER THE WORLD OF MAGIC. Go vote for this film, share this work with friends. It's time for you to explore and have some fun! All my love, Danielle Howle VOTE BY 4 PM TOMORROW!! An email will come and you can verify your vote this way!! We are gonna get this with your help and millions will see this film. www.seedandspark.com/fund/parallelchords 

Have a great day and do something fabulous and take a photo! 

All my best,