Eclipses and Shaman


Yes my friends! It is all about the eclipse right now. We will be playing at Awendaw Green. Follow this event on facebook. 

The line- up is fantastic! We play at 6pm. Just come at noon for the whole thing. I think wherever you go to see music- please stay there. It's looking like a wild ride for folks here in SC. 

Call to action – Help #DMFH and her band get there! 

I'm Super stoked for shows in New Mexico. Our primary focus (and only gigs thus far) are two shows at 3 Sided Hole Festival. The information is here 

From September 7-9 Guardians of the High Desert Festival will commence at 3 SidedWhole Ranch outside of Albuquerque. 

I was invited by Shaman, Dr. Blue, who hosts the festival in his pristine desert land. On September 7 there will be Shaman training classes. Then on September 8 and 9 I will play music with other awesome musicians. 

These shows do not pay. I have been payed a high honor by being invited to play here for the Shaman and those shaman in training. I go with love and faith in the hopes of bringing back valuable information to my community and sharing valuable information from my work in SC. I travel with grand respect as an artist and friend to those who are in process of being the best people (and artists) they can be. As a musical educator, this will add much value to my skill arsenal. 

Right now, we are looking for adequate transportation and gas money. You will receive fabulous packages from my archive of released and unreleased materials. I am willing to play a few house concerts for a donation of $1000.00 or more :) So if you and a few friends would like a house show, do let me know. The place to donate is through paypal. 

All my love and very best,