Exciting News! Songwriting Nature Workshop

As you may know, I produce a songwriting workshop called Swamp Sessions. These retreats happen in the winter months, deep in the Francis Marion Forest on private land. One of the inspiration activities for live participants is a 1/4 mile walking trail with eight stations, each with a unique creative writing (or thinking!) challenge. We’ve been unable to host our retreats for two years due to the pandemic, but that led us to thinking about ways to share this incredible resource with people beyond our in-person guests.  

I am THRILLED to share with you the Songwriting Nature Workshop - A Virtual Tour of the Swamp Sessions Songwriting Trail which is available for your viewing and listening pleasure! 

Videographer Wes Pellerin and his team created the stunning visuals, I provided the content as a Swamp Sessions instructor and host, and Eddie White of Awendaw Green provided the location for all of the inspiration.  

I know that many writers, creative people, and teachers can utilize this video to bring much joy and creativity, as we have all felt that along the trail for many years! Educators may wish to download the transcript to guide in group discussions and activities.  

Please enjoy and share with others!