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From the recording Live At McKissick Museum


All all all all done in a day
you you you you you
you worry me so
oh all done in a day

Yes I thought I knew you well
yes I thought but I don't
when you told me go to hell
maybe I will or maybe I won't

Why why ask me
ask me come over
when all's done and it makes me sad
and I get angry I trip on shoulder
all all gets done

Everybody's hanging out
with their specials ones
lord you know I can do without
what I have already done

Why why why ask me
ask me my problem
when all you left is evident
give give oh give me a good tomorrow
all I need it fast

I have left this place but why
do all things just standing by
look so bad I want to cry
but no water is coming down my face

say say say say he easy's not off
so far and if it is can I buy it
help help me love me help me love more
all help me love help help me love
oh all all all all all done in a day