1. Down

From the recording About to Burst


by Danielle Howle

Fervid catalyst of nasty knots
it’s a good night for a bad day’s start
I will tear you open smile when you’re down

down dadown dadown down

It’s a loss that you don’t get to find
I don’t even wanna get in line
I will turn you over smile when you’re down

what does it mean

You are jerkin’ like uncertain mass
I got an image can I give it back
I will turn you over smile when you’re down

You talk like a trick
you’re a long crooked stick
gotta poke at the corpse
for the sport when you kick
like a mean slithering
kind of dream you believe
that you had as a youth
‘cause you didn’t tell the truth
now you wait with a lamp
till the sun makes a camp
and you fret like a freak
when you get back to me
it’s a cheap deafening of the
life you want
another sick symptom of the
down you caught
tie me over tie all me
just file me over fry all me down
just tie me over then lay me down
I’ll turn me over until I’m brown
so stock me over and knock me down
I’ll work you over add all the sounds
full of words you don’t want to try anymore
I wanna get this over and clean up the floor
I’m going down dadown dadown dadown down