1. The Parlor

From the recording About to Burst


The Parlor
by Danielle Howle

For a moment
I smelled the parlor
where we had
the last reception
for your life

And the preacher
he was awful
so as usual
you weren’t
treated right

These roll down
to the blanket
like a cartoon
I will wring
the wave
terrible daughter
forgot to thank you
for just about everything

Full of empty
take the many
days that I’ll forget
that I’m still alive
and when I’m tired
of my murder
I hope the ones
I shunned still
come around
cut the lights off turn them sideways
if that’s the thing that’s gonna help
and if there’s no one here to rock me
well I guess I’ll do it myself

Though I love them
let them go now
and these casseroles will have to be
moldy sculptures
Granny’s hairdo’s but won’t a one of them
be et by me
in the touch of the corners
is a little girl flirting with the wall
she is shocked by her future
with a sturdiness that weakens them all
for a moment I smelled the parlor
where we together had
connection with your life
what an opera full of snifflin’
and a preacher man
who never said things right
and a preacher man said things right